The Quirky Guide to Christmas Card Giving

Oct 05, 2023Jackie Suess

Looking for the best holiday card company? 

Why send a Christmas wish that'll end up in the trash when you can send one with some class? 

Why give your coworkers a boring Christmas greeting when life can be so fleeting?

Why hand your boyfriend a lame card when you can give him one to make him....well you get the picture.

When it comes to spreading holiday cheer, a unique Christmas card can make all the difference. Gone are the days of generic greetings and predictable designs. This year, it's time to think outside the box and surprise your loved (and not so loved) ones with a card that truly stands out. Get ready to embark on a festive adventure as we explore the world of unique and funny Christmas cards!

Feeling overwhelmed? Let me help you out -

cuz lawd knows you need some help.

Make a list of recipients  - Who will you send Christmas cards to this year? Who deserves the honor of getting a card from you? Before the crazy holiday times begin, make a list of whom you want to send a Christmas card to - that way you won't risk forgetting someone. So many possibilities here - mom, dad, brothers, sisters, best friend, coworkers, boss, boyfriend, girlfriend, neighbors, granny, aunts, uncles, teachers, and possibly even your enemies.


funny generic christmas cardHere's a great option for those lazy people who don't want to pick out special cards for each person.  SIMPLIFY.


Pick out your cards - This is the best part! Yes there are many places to buy greeting cards. Sure you can head on over to the nearest walmart or hallmark store - or even dollar store.  Go ahead and spend $8 on gas and go fight the're choice. can shop right from the comfort of your own home and find all the best holiday card messages, delivered right to your door (did i mention FREE shipping??) Head on over to and be prepared to be entertained by all the funny Christmas card messages.  We also offer discounts for different quantities because we know you will have a hard time narrowing it down. Let me show you some clever Christmas cards that are customer favorites.


funny santa christmas cards

Our cool Santa Christmas cards are a customer favorite for snarky, funny & slightly rude xmas wishes. Find them here, here and here


you don't dig santa? 

ehhhh....ok -

well here's some other humorous holiday card messages that will surely be a hit.

unique and funny christmas greetings

seriously a wise MAN and buy your Christmas cards now.

Prepare your cards - While you may be tempted to procrastinate this, don't. Decide which ones need to be mailed.  Keep in mind USPS is in turtle mode during the holiday season.  So address the envelopes that need to be mailed NOW and stick that stamp on it. Go buy some forever stamps because inevitably stamps will go up at Christmas time. 

After you have them addressed, now it's time to write your personal message inside.  Here at Quirky Card Company, all of our cards come blank inside so you can add your personal touch.  Sometimes you may find a card that's so perfect, nothing more needs to be said.  Keep it simple - sign your name....or don't if you're not totally sure you want them to know it's from you...

rude christmas card quirky card company

we won't judge if you send this rude christmas card to someone you don't like 


Here's the bottom line folks. 

Don't procrastinate
Don't settle for lame cards

Order the best Holiday cards from

Quirky Card Company

Because Hallmark doesn't always say it best.'s the BOTTOM BOTTOM line.
plan ahead so you have time this year to partake in some reindeer games.
funny dasher dancer rudolph christmas card


Peace out.


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