love / valentine's day cards

some sweet, some snarky, and some definitely inappropriate cards to give your loved one on valentine's day or any day.

if you are looking for a funny valentine, look here. or perhaps a happy valentines day for a friend. we have some of the funniest valentine messages and some naughty ones too.  and they aren't all valentine's day; looking for a love greeting card you can give any day of the year? we have great romantic cards with quotes about life and love that will surely make her (or him) swoon.  all men should have many of these great love cards on hand.


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yoda my valentines will you be valentines' day card with yoda
YODA my valentine will you be / valentine's day card
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your farts really stink funny rude valentines day card
your farts really stink / valentine's day card
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 (3)
nice ass funny valentine
nice ass / valentine's day card / greeting card
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