WTF are the 5 W's of Greeting Cards?

Jul 30, 2023Jackie Suess

Hey my fellow humans! I'm Jackie,

owner of the Quirky Card Company, and i'm going to blah blah bog my first post today for anyone who is completely bored and is dying to know all about my favorite topic.... GREETING CARDS! So here we are....WTF are the 5 W's of greeting cards...

WHO - Who do we send greeting cards to? Well, pretty much anyone.  Friends (including but not limited to BFF's), husband, wife, mother, father, brother, sister, coworkers, and on and on.  Even your worst enemy. I mean, this particular card is meant to be a joke, but if you really want to be THAT person... send that B this one:  

WHAT - Gawd...kind of obvious.  But if you don't know what a greeting card is, then maybe you should buy this one: 

WHEN -  I'll do a detailed blah blah blog later on all the different occasions you can send cards, but to sum up - ANY occasion you can think of.  Seriously - SO many card giving occasions that you could send someone a card every day of the year.  Birthdays are the most popular card giving occasion there is in the industry. Download this free printable birthday calendar from World of Printables  to keep track of all your family and friend's birthdays so you don't forget (but if you do, i have a card for that also). 

belated birthday card

Best of all is my personal favorite occasion - JUST BECAUSE.  I mean, who doesn't love to get a fun, quirky card to make them snort. Like this card: 

WHERE - Well, of course you can go to the dollar store or a big box store and get a cheap ass card that's boring. But if you want to be the cool card giver, shop my vast collection of funny, unique and sometimes inappropriate cards that are sure to put a smile on their face.  Find my full catalog HERE. I promise lots of chuckles and snorts as you peruse my cards - and if you can't find one or two (or 50) that you could use, then please do get in the car and head straight to the dollar store.

WHY - Duh. Because who doesn't need a pick me up in this crazy ass, "what the hell is going on in our world" kind of times. And damn - it feels good to give.

Now go shop, laugh, stock up, and start giving cards.





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